How does the growing process work?

Upon signup each member is assigned their fixed spaces within THC’s state-of-the-art facility, the lease of which is included in the membership fee.

The Club’s professional growers meticulously look after your plant from seed right through to harvest.

Members are sent grow updates every few weeks as the plants progress through their life cycle.

What growing technique is used?

All of our plants are grown in hydroponics using the Sea of Green technique. We use General Hydroponics Europe nutrients throughout the grow and use an inert medium of coco-coir and perlite.

Our plants are grown under full-spectrum Spectrum King LED lights, which are manufactured in the USA specifically for cannabis cultivation.

Our grow rooms are fully climate controlled to optimise the health of the plant and minimise any points of external contamination. We do everything we can to grow your cannabis just the way we would grow ours, without compromise.

How much cannabis do I get from my plant?

Different strains and even phenotypes within cultivars vary considerably in terms of yield. Yield very much depends on what strain you choose to grow. However, the growing technique we use consistently yields 20-30+ grams of dried, premium quality cannabis, every 2 months.

How long does it take?

The Very First Plant

From the first time we receive a member’s seeds until the time their first plant is ready to roll is around 12-14 weeks, depending on the strain. This includes the time for seed propagation, vegetative growth, flowering, drying, and curing.


Subsequent Plants:

Because your next seed is planted and undergoes vegetative growth while the first plant is still flowering, it will be ready to go into your flowering space as soon as the first plant is done and the space is free. Therefore every subsequent plant will be ready 2 months after you’ve received the previous one.

How many plants can a member have?

We limit each membership to a maximum of one area in each grow space which ensures that the quantity of cannabis is for personal consumption only.

This means that at certain times a member could have 2 plants growing – one in the veg area and one in the flowering area. The reason for this is to maximize the turnaround time between harvests. While the older plant is still flowering, the members’ next seed is planted. So that as the flowering plant is harvested, the next little lady is ready to take the space. And so the cycle continues.

Members can subscribe to a maximum of two memberships, which allows for staggered plantings. This means members can receive a plant as often as once a month. (note that this requires payment for 2x memberships).

How much does it cost?

The Membership fee is R949/month. This includes the lease of your personal grow areas within the club’s facility, growing services, drying and curing, as well as all costs associated in getting your cannabis back to you in perfect condition.

What strains can I grow?

We can grow any feminised or auto strain you provide. Bear in mind that certain strains are more conducive to indoor cultivation.  Strains which do well in our facility are those that grow short, have high yields, and short flowering times. Need advice on strains? Ask the club!


It is imperative that only feminised/auto flowering seeds are provided, as any plants found to be male will be disposed of immediately and the potential crop wasted. For everyone’s benefit- no dicks at this party.

Why must I supply my own seeds?

By supplying your own seed you have an endless choice of what strain to grow. Remember that special strain? Why not let the club grow it for you?

As the law currently stands, THC can only grow that which is yours. We do not supply seeds or clones. However, South Africa has a few local seed banks providing quality genetics from international breeders which serve as an excellent resource for information on strains.

How is this legal?

The club is advised by Schindler’s Attorneys, the same law firm that helped win the Constitutional Court ruling which made it legal for private individuals to grow cannabis in their private space for personal consumption. To comply with the law, individual areas in the club’s grow facility are demarcated and leased to its members – thereby making it their private space. The club simply assists members in exercising their constitutional right to grow cannabis in their own private space.

For a more detailed explanation on the legalities take a look at the article published in Business Tech.

Is it safe to become a member?

Absolutely! At a constitutional level, the law states that any private individual may grow cannabis in their private space for their personal consumption. Each member is allocated a private space in THC’s grow room which is leased from the club. The club also limits each member to a maximum of two plants. The amount of cannabis is small enough that there can be no doubt that it is for personal consumption.

Cancellation Policy

A member may cancel their subscription at any time by logging into their account on The Haze Club website and cancelling their order. The member will not be charged from the following payment cycle at which point the membership expires.

All THC services will be honored up until the point the membership expires.

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