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Choose a clone from one of the many mother plants that we are currently keeping for members, or supply the club with your feminised seeds of choice. See our strain list.

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In our state-of-the-art facility, using the best equipment, THC professionals grow, harvest, and cure your cannabis to perfection. Learn more about the process.

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Once we’ve dried, cured, and hand-trimmed your plant, your premium flower is packaged in our sealed THC box and is ready for collection or delivery. Sit back, relax and enjoy the fruits of our joint labour.



Our gold standard in membership options. For those that want the full shabang at the best value.



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Getting tired of a single strain? Then The Strain Swapper is for you!




Don’t want to commit to a year membership? Try out our service for a single plant cycle.



The Share

If you don’t consume a full plant every 2 months, we’ll pair you up with another member to share.




Consume less? We’ll pair you with another 2 members to share your plant between 3 of you.





It’s legal! No more dodgy deals. It’s your constitutional right to grow and use cannabis. Exercise that right and let us grow your cannabis for you.


Growing cannabis may be 100% legal, but it’s not as simple as one might think. To achieve top-shelf quality, you need more than just the right equipment. We bring time and expertise to your grow so you don’t have to.


The club contracts professional growers and utilizes commercial-grade indoor growing facilities to ensure your cannabis is the finest quality available.


Growing top quality cannabis is a time consuming project that you will need to invest in. Let us take the time off your hands, so you enjoy a finished, premium result.


This is world class all-round! The package and presentation is stellar, the grow is simply AMAZING and all communication between myself and the Haze crew has been nothing short of professional 🙂 Whole heartedly recommend their service! First grow was White Widow. It was like being back in Amsterdam (^_^) Great service guys!

M Chiba

Professional service from The Haze Club from day one. To anyone out there considering membership: go for it! You’ll be blown away once you receive your first order. Packaging, presentation, and product are all world class, and I felt I was kept up to date and responded to at every stage of the process. Happy and proud to be one of the first members! Keep up the high standards, THC!


I received my first harvest recently and I am so happy. Most importantly the quality of the flower was world-class – well-grown and well cured! I also loved the packaging and effort you guys made to how it was presented, really makes it feel premium. I am a very happy member and cannot wait until my next harvest!


Really impressed with the quality of my plant that was cured and packaged beautifully! My plant ended up at 28.2 grams. The entire experience has been next level!

Happy Camper

Just got my first delivery, what presentation! Love your work guys… And the bud is so good!


I’m going to enjoy my Girl Scout Cookies! Slightly below average yield but really nicely grown and cured. Great service guys!


Growing cannabis isn’t simple. Buying it is illegal. What’s the solution?

The Haze Club operates a state-of-the-art cannabis facility which has been set up to offer busy professionals the ability to grow the highest quality cannabis, legally and without time or effort.

The club professionally manages the growing process on your behalf. The Haze Club will look after your plant from germination right through to drying and curing.

Don’t worry, don’t stew.  Simply choose a strain, we do the rest.

The club keeps a number of strains as mother plants on behalf of a few members. Most have generously offered fellow members the ability to take a clone from their mothers.

Currently there are over 20 strains to choose from. Read the FAQ to see what we are cloning. Check out seedbanks like President Seeds and Green Smoke Room for more information on strains. Choose a clone, or send us that special seed and we’ll do the rest.

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